Modern era – Website layout

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CitySquare Residence

Charlie’s Tapas Grill & Bar


Dress me up like a rockstar!

Tee shirt Designs for a friend. Ideas from everywhere around me.

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Grab your color pencils, kids!

This was drawn by me for National Museum’s kids event. By doing research of drawing this map wasn’t that easy as ABC as you can imagine. Everything got to be in details and identified. Drawing is about the Historical of Singapore and years back about the europeans and malays.

i believe kids would love to see this kinda Art as it is so interesting that widen their thinking creatively as well. This is something about cutting and paste on the map of where should each picture locating at.


A bad camera doesn’t means bad photos

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CHECK check me out!
Great Singapore Sale

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Simple people prefers simple things

introduced by one of schoolmate. His boss was looking for someone to design a ad featured himself and his upcoming new salon @ the new high end Mandarin Gallery.

his idea was easy and all he requested was a simple design in black and white as you can see below. And i noticed something that all his staffs were dressed in black only including him. I guessed there is a fashion statement behind all this “black attire” after all.

As for serious observation, realized his target audience were high ended people like rich taitais, Celebrities etc.

This advertisement was featured in Expat living Magazine.